When you need to connect several electronic devices to power at once, you more than likely plugged in a power strip to make sure you had enough receptacles to plug them all in. That is the purpose of a power strip, and it will definitely fulfill your needs at the time, but there is a correct way and an incorrect way to use power strips. Why does it matter? If you were to overload a power-strip, you could cause a fire.

How could you end up overloading a power-strip? There are many different ways in which this could happen. For example, you should never plug one power-strip into another. If you do that, you could end up with too much current going through the first power-strip. You also shouldn’t run a power-strip underneath a carpet. Having it covered by carpet can easily cause it to overheat. There are many appliances that shouldn’t be plugged into a power-strip because of the amount of power that they draw. Remember that the purpose of a power-strip is not to function as an extension cord, but just to give you more receptacles to use.

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