What is a Home Inspection

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is an evaluation of a home’s condition by a trained professional. The resulting inspection report is an unbiased, professional assessment of the condition of the house and its operational systems. To create this report, the inspector must conduct a visual inspection of virtually every accessible nook and cranny both inside and outside of the house.

Although it depends on the size and complexity of the house, a thorough inspection will typically take about two to three hours to complete. Spotlight Home Inspection LLC follows strict reporting guidelines and provides comprehensive written disclosure of all visible defects and conditions that will affect the function of the house.

The purpose of a professional real estate inspection is to help the client manage risk. However, your inspector does not possess x-ray vision and cannot see through walls and other items. As such, the inspection is limited to that which is both accessible and visible. While no inspector can discover every unknown factor, a broad study of the home by Spotlight Home Inspection LLC helps identify many problems a consumer may otherwise overlook.

You should keep in mind that the inspection report does not issue a Pass/Fail grade, nor is it intended to determine whether the house complies with local codes, or to report on cosmetic defects apparent to the average individual. As home inspectors, we are considered generalists who cover a wide variety of areas. The purpose of a generalist inspection is to identify any significant defects or adverse conditions that would warrant evaluation or remedy by a specialist. It provides you with the information needed to make confident decisions regarding the suitability of the home.

In short, a home inspection from Spotlight Home Inspection LLC is a wide ranging overview of a property. All this information is put in a convenient and actionable report that is easy to understand resulting in a clearer understanding of the property and its systems. For more information , please visit our Home Inspection FAQ page, or if you have specific questions you can Contact Us.