Most of us probably climbed ladders at a very young age. Most likely, those first times weren’t very safe, but hopefully by now you have a better appreciation of the importance of safety. Falls from ladders have the potential to be very serious, even lethal, so doing it the proper way while paying close attention to what you are doing can actually save your life!

You should always keep at least 3 points of contact with your ladder. While it might be tempting to use both hands for something while working off of a ladder, this is not safe. If you are doing some type of work that requires you to use both hands, you should have the additional safety of a strap that goes around you and the ladder. Never try to reach out beyond the limits of the ladder, and always place it on stable, even ground.

If you need to reach something that is just out of reach, climb down the ladder, move it, and climb back up again.

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