Have you ever had a clog in your toilet? It is not a pleasant experience, and depending on how stubborn the plug is, it could cost you quite a bit of money to have it removed. This should make you think twice before you flush something down the toilet. The only things that you should flush down a toilet are waste and toilet paper. Here are a few items that are commonly flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t be.

Q-tips don’t bend, so they will easily get stuck in the pipes. Cat litter is made to clump up when wet, so flushing it down the toilet can cause very stubborn clogs. Dental floss will tangle up and catch other debris and build up inside the pipes. Cooking grease that is liquid when poured into the toilet will coagulate, and it will cause a clog that is water repellent. Diapers are sometimes flushed down toilets, but they will get stuck almost immediately.

For some, it might seem obvious not to flush these items down the toilet, but plumbers have had to remove them from pipes countless times over the years.

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