Do you know what one of the biggest plumbing concerns in the wintertime is? You might correctly have guessed frozen pipes. With winter fast approaching, it is good for you to consider ways to prevent this from happening to you. A frozen pipe can lead to the pipe bursting, which in turn could cause massive damage depending on how quickly you get the water shut off and where the leak is located.

There are some areas of your home where pipes are more at risk. Any part of the home that isn’t properly insulated where pipes run through could become very cold in the winter, causing the pipes to freeze. If there is no insulation in the walls, you might want to insulate the pipes to keep them warm. On very cold nights, you might want to position a fan to blow air into areas where you don’t have heat.

Pipes shouldn’t be located in outward facing walls, but if this is the case where you live, you can open up cabinets under sinks to make sure that warm air reaches the pipes. Having water running slowly through the pipes will also prevent freezing, so opening up a faucet just a crack on those very cold nights could save you.

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