Mold Testing

Mold Testing

Here at Spotlight, we offer more than just a mold test – We offer a full Mold Comprehensive Evaluation. Our qualified mold inspectors specialize in moisture intrusion in addition to their expertise in home inspection, so you benefit from the experience of a professional home inspector who is also highly trained in mold detection.

What We Do

  • Test air quality
  • Collect physical samples
  • Evaluate sources of moisture intrusion
  • Help identify probable causes of mold growth
  • Give you an unbiased, honest assessment
  • Use top notch testing equipment & laboratory designed methods

We pride ourselves in being able to look at the whole picture and giving a complete and honest assessment. Rest assured, that our interests align with yours as we do not try to sell you any products, services, nor do we use cheap DIY or generic testing kits. What we offer is better than simply getting a test done. Not only can we tell you if your home has mold, but the most likely source of entry and we can discuss ways to solve the issue at hand.

A Mold Comprehensive Evaluation Includes:

  • 1 Indoor Air Quality Sample
  • 1 Outdoor Air Quality Control Sample
  • 1 Additional Air Quality or Physical Sample
  • Complete Comprehensive report on all samples taken
  • Walk through with our highly certified & experienced home inspector to go over any moisture intrusion issues.

Additional samplings are available upon request.