Who doesn’t like a nice, calm neighborhood? Unfortunately, we don’t all live in such an area, and even if we live in a calm area, it is possible that roadwork or other changes around us unexpectedly turn it into a noisy area. If that is the case for you, is there anything you can do to get relief from the noises that make it into your home?

There are many similarities between noise and the cold or heat that we try to keep out. Insulation is the best way to stop it. The insulation in your walls will block out sound, as well as, extreme temperatures. Double pane windows also block out sound much better than single pane windows do.

If the noises you deal with are generated inside your home, you might be able to find the source and take care of it. If your pipes are rattling, you can find where they are loose and fasten them properly to the studs near them. Noisy appliances may also be silenced when they are repaired.

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