When you hear the word mold, do you automatically start worrying? For a homeowner, mold is a great concern, but in reality, not all mold is bad. Mold spores can be found in the air no matter where on the earth you are located, and without them, life couldn’t exist the way it does today. Unfortunately, mold spores can be harmful to the health of humans when they are found in large concentrations in an enclosed space. If you have mold growing in your home, you should make sure that it is removed as soon as possible.

Moisture is one of the main causes for mold growth. Bathroom and kitchen areas where water might be seeping out and creating conditions for mold growth should be monitored.

If you have a leak, you should dry up any spilled water completely. Sometimes, this will require that you leave doors open and have fans running. If you suspect that water might have leaked inside of your walls, ceilings or floors, it might be necessary to rip out some boards to make sure that mold doesn’t start growing due to the water damage.

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