How good is your house insulation? The biggest expense for most US homes is heating and cooling, and if your insulation is inadequate, this cost can be increased greatly.

A material’s level of thermal resistance is measured by its R-value. The effectiveness of insulation depends on this value in conjunction with where it is installed. Improperly installed insulation will not be fully effective. Insulation should never be compressed because this will actually lower its R-value.

Insulation can’t mitigate air leaks that come from structural gaps in your home, and because of this, the R-value of a wall overall is different from that of the insulation.

There are recommendations from the Department of Energy on what home insulation values should be. These will be dependent on what area of the country you live in, as well as, what area of your house is to be insulated.

If you are concerned with the cost of heating and cooling your home, assessing your current insulation can give you a good idea of what changes need to be made to improve overall energy efficiency.

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