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If you are going to sell your house it will almost certainly get inspected. Get the upper hand by having it done early. The sooner you know what you are dealing with the easier it is to resolve.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Sellers can greatly benefit from having a home inspection prior to listing their home for sale. A pre-listing inspection will significantly reduce your risk by eliminating last minute repairs that can slow down the selling process. In addition, the resulting report may show you ways to increase your property’s value or greatly improve its marketability.

How to use your Pre-Listing Home Inspection Report

Once you have a pre-listing inspection report in your hands, you can:

  • Use it as a guide or checklist to make the necessary repairs and/or obtain estimates from contractors.
  • Use it to disclose those things you wish not to repair. Once you disclose problems in the sellers’ disclosure document, you are far less likely to have them come up later. This is because they knew about the problem before they put in their offer (assuming they got a copy of the seller’s disclosure document).
  • Offer it to perspective buyers, this will show them that you have taken the steps necessary to assure that you have accurately disclosed and documented the condition of your property. Who knows, they may elect not to have their own inspection.
  • In addition, the resulting report may show you ways to increase your property’s value and greatly improve its marketability.

Why Choose Spotlight Home Inspection?

I started Spotlight Home Inspection LLC to assist others in developing a better understanding of their properties. For over 30 years, I have been buying, selling, and rehabbing properties in and around Harleysville, Pennsylvania. During that time, I gained a wealth of real world experience and a strong interest in understanding my own properties. This strong foundation, coupled with years of training, certification, and continuing education, make me uniquely qualified to inspect your home.

What to Expect

  • The inspection will take between two to three hours to inspect a typical house.
  • The inspection mirrors a typical home inspection for a buyer.
  • You are welcome to attend. Although attendance is not required, clients generally get more value from an inspection by hearing what I have to say in addition to reading the home inspection report. View sample report (pdf)
  • The home inspection report will be the same report that a buyer would receive had they ordered the inspections.

If you are planning to putting your house on the market, it’s to your advantage to know the condition of your home. There is no such thing as a perfect house. If you don’t find out the results of your own inspection, the buyers will certainly let you know about theirs. This could cost you the sale or severely limit you options to repair. Contact Spotlight Home Inspection or Order an Inspection and get a head start on your buyers

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