Do you suspect that there might be mold growing in your home? It is a common enough occurrence, and it can be harmful to your health, so it is important to know. Of course, most of us aren’t sure how to identify mold. If you see some discoloration or dark spots in your home that you think might be mold, what should you do to get a positive identification? One simple method can be performed with a couple of very basic items, clear plastic tape and a sealable plastic bag. This method will get you a sample that you can send in to a lab for identification, and it can be done without damaging the surface where the suspect mold is located.

Press the tape on the area firmly. Remove the tape and tape it on the inside of the plastic bag. Seal the bag and you’re done.

With this simple method, you will get a sample that will let a lab know if there is mold growing, what type it is and how severe the infestation is.

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