Why might condensation be a concern?

If there is a place in your home where there is constant condensation, it can pool and cause damage to material. It can also encourage mold growth. Metal surfaces, such as water lines, are usually the first locations for condensation.

How can you prevent this from happening?

Attempt to keep surfaces from getting cold. This can be accomplished by insulation, but also by heating areas where condensation is a problem.

Plants can add a significant amount of moisture to the air, so if needed, removing some or all of your indoor plants in areas where you have condensation can alleviate the problem.

A dehumidifier is a relatively cheap device that will decrease the air humidity and prevent condensation.

Use plastic foam wrap instead of fiberglass insulation, because it is ineffective when wet.

Condensation is the type of problems that will continually get worse without any attention, so if you notice it, take the time to research the cause and find the solution.

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